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Monday, 1 July 2013

Comment Ça Va?



Bien, I hope, mes amies?



(For those who do not understand French:

Comment ça va? = How’s it going?

Bien = Well/Fine/Good.

Mes amies  = My friends. )



What’s with the jingle-jangled English-French?



Well. It’s Canada Day today. So ‘Happy Canada Day!‘ to my handful of Canuck readers!



Is that why I bilingual-ed ?



Um, no.



Okay. I am too lazy to pretend much longer, so I’ll spit it out – this post is based on a reader’s comment, and I tried to hint at that in the title.



“Huh”, you say?



Right. I’ll explain.



As mentioned in my last post,

Listen to Your Heart

I was away on a 3-week holiday with Mum. Since I got back a week ago, I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to work on the topic that I had slotted for this month’s post.



I like to enjoy everything I do, my routine activities included. I do not like stressing myself out in any which way and I don’t like giving whoever or whatever less than my best. Hence, I’ve mastered the cunning wonderful art of pacing myself and prioritising.



Since I wasn’t in a mood to cobble together a regular post


Since I owed The Hook a reply to the comment he had left on my previous post

Two birds + One stone — Bam! —> This post!

Comment ça va indeed! 😉



Thank you, Hook, for bailing me out letting me reply to your earlier comment in this post. Take a bow:




You’ve Been Hooked!  

Observations from the trenches….




The Book of Terrible

Shining a Light on Mankind’s missteps…




The Hook and I have a few things in common. One of them – we love dogs. So does Bestie Boy.




Yes, this … this … is my friend.
And that’s the family pet.




Bestie Boy attended a doggie event over a recent weekend. Here’s an excerpt of his experience.



Bestie Boy: The annual Dog Club garden party was one of the weirdest ‘little [Name Of His Country]‘ events I’ve ever been to!  Literally hundreds of dogs running about sniffing each other’s ars#s and gobbling sausages and cake … what better way to spend a Sunday?



Fortunately, my other friend, The Hook, is tame and well behaved.



Hark! Check out ze cutie!




Meet The Hook’s doggie.
Call her Chelsea. She’ll respond to you.




Get this! Chelsea speaks! Like, for realsies, people! Check out her bow wows here:



Two Guest Posts For The Price of One!



Back to The Hook.



Chelsea’s Handler had a medical crisis in the family recently and he has written an uncommon, practical list of battle acquired tips after his too-close-for-comfort encounter.



If you happen to be in the same unfortunate boat, I recommend you head over to

The !ndie Chicks

and read:

The Hook’s Guide To Being A Medical Wing-man



Now, onto the comment and response.



Hook’s Original Comment

Kate, Thank you for the musical therapy, the journey through time, and for just being you. Be well, my friend. We’ll talk soon. The Hook.



My Response

>Thank you for the musical therapy,

– You’re welcome, Hook!


It is fitting that you use the word ‘therapy’. I thought of an article I had read that explained the science behind the therapy of music. Title, link and a key quote next.

Why Your Brain Craves Music

“When we’re listening to music, the most advanced areas of the brain tie in to the most ancient.”


>the journey through time,

– I’m glad that you enjoyed your flashback. I felt good, too, going back two decades while working on that post.  


I was quite a big Roxette fan(atic). Aped Marie Fredriksson’s moves, outfits and hairdos. I stopped at bleaching my spikes blonde though.


>and for just being you.

– Well, yes, I can be nice for the most part. Just make sure you don’t catch me when I’m hungry or angry. 😉


>Be well, my friend.

– I was, Hook. Still am.


>We’ll talk soon.

– We certainly did! Thanks for putting up with the outta sight chatter, too, especially when you and the family were embroiled in:

The Past is Behind Us. The Future is Out of Reach. So Live for Today.


>Glad to hear you and Mum had fun.

– The fun bits were guaranteed, so to speak, but that our travels across 4 small towns/cities were mishap free is something I am very grateful for. 


 I’ll spare you yet another 1,000 words and let Mum’s smile say it all. 




Still smiling when we landed a rustic town after a 14 hour train ride.

Oh, look! By responding to a comment here, I’ve managed to cobble together a decent post!



A novel concept? Not likely.

Convenient? Most definitely.

Cunning? Um, comment ça va, mes amies?




Thank you, ArchangelTravel and GLENN FOLKES, for signing up to follow my posts.


Thank you, You’ve Been Hooked!  and FLOWERSBLOOMS by “Elvie”, for commenting on my last post.


Thank you, You’ve Been Hooked! and FLOWERSBLOOMS by “Elvie”, for liking my last post.




P.S.: Cheerful Monk adds a footnote to every post acknowledging those who comment on her previous post. She also links the commenters’ names back to their own blogs.


I like both these practices of acknowledging the time and effort made to comment, and the free advertising! So I’m doing what I do well – being a copycat!  


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