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Friday, 1 August 2014





I wrote the following mail to my contacts this past weekend.



‘Sup peeps!



So. Didja enjoy your Sunday Special breakfast/lunch/dinner today? So did I! But. Not everyone is as blessed as you and I are, you know?



It’s no secret that I live to eat. So I’m going to get right to it. Earlier today, when doing my nigh daily bread thang at one of my fave sites, Upworthy, I watched this vid:

And being the nosy person that I am, I then went to their site and read this:
But I can’t do nuffink because there’s a hitch. I don’t have an alter ego a social networking account. Yeah, still. I’m still JOMO*-ing my life under a rock. Now pick your jaws off the floor and focus, people. This ain’t about me and my persistent pitiful non-existence. So yeah. I don’t do e-socialising, but you do.
Now. If you have the time and inclination, please watch the vid and/or read the site. And if you like what you see and read, and you still have the time and inclination, go ahead and ka-pow! your next meal, heck, all your meals with a #mealforameal and bam! them onto your InstagramFacebookTwitter or wherever you kids hang out these days.
Now y’all are clever and all, and y’all have got to the bottom of this mail. You know that this mail:
1. Has nothing to do with my obsession with food, but everything to do with my obsession with Richard Branson’s locks.  
2. Has nothing to do with my volunteer stint at the Daily Bread Food Bank in Mississauga (Canada), but everything to do with how shocked I was to see how many ‘normal’ looking people were our clients; and how they all told me that they regularly endured periods of *gulp* starvation. I can’t even imagine that. 😦  
3. Is proof that I’m still a raging slacktivist.
4. Is my poor excuse for a newsletter.
Never mind me. Please share those links above with your friends. Oh, if you do it via e-mail, you’ll be a sweetie and merely copy the links instead of Forwarding this entire message of mine, si? And you’ll BCC instead of CCing your contacts, too, right? Aww, you’re smarty pants, darling.
So. Let’s all channel our inner Marie Antoinette, tag our piccies and “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.”, I mean, “Let them eat cake.” Bon apetit to the fact that we can make someone live those words.
Thank you very much for helping me help complete strangers vicariously, me lovelies.








I give Thee thanks, Almighty God.

Spicy Breadfruit

Chorizo Stir Fry with Boiled Potato ‘n Boiled Egg

Brown Bread

Hershey’s Chocolate (On the table at 12 o’clock)  




This is exactly what my plate looked liked before I tucked in last night. When I looked at this shot up on my PC, I realised it is a very good representation of me.



The corners of the slices of bread cut off

The slices themselves not arranged so that both slices are visible

The traces of gravy around the edges

The mismatched egg halves


The rather sloppy placement of everything.



This is who I am as a person; imperfect, but substantive (rather, I’d like to think of myself as substantive), unconcerned about slapping on the glitter to gloss over the grime beneath.



Similarly, so why should I treat my routine dinner plate any differently just because it could be viewed by people I don’t know?



WYSIWYG with me.



Oh, if you noticed the grease congealed in the Chorizo Stir Fry, brownie points for your eagle eyes! The art/photography flop that I am, I didn’t think of nuking my dinner before I snapped it. 









Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Christmas In July

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Nah, this has nothing to do with cleverly titled summer sales in North America nor is this about Christmassy activities at this time of year in the southern hemisphere. In this newsletter, I am (finally!) going to do what I was to have done this past December i.e. in my last newsletter of 2013. Back then, Mum went and usurped my plans. 😉



I want to thank you, my readers, for, well, reading my blog last year i.e. 2013. There must be many who don’t make it to the end of my classic long winding posts, and that’s okay. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks and all that.



In this post, I’m going to focus on you, the diff’rent streak o’ folks, who e-pampered me by Sharing pictures from your blogs with me to use here, and those of you who read my posts. Some of you left a mark in the form of a Like or a Comment. Then some of you got horribly reckless and signed up to Follow my posts.



The format of my acknowledgement will be as follows:


Name of your blog* (Name hyperlinked to your blog.)

The theme of your blog (Not all of you have one.)

Your blog URL (For those, like me, who like to see the address before you click on it.)


*With those of you who shared your images, your personal name will precede the name of your blog.



*dun dun dun*

It’s revenge time, people.

*rubbing my hands in gleeful anticipation*

I’m gonna e-pamper you right back! Ka-POW!



You Shared



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MY WORLD IS A KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLOR! Paintings of my life’s journey, experiences, cherished memories, emotions, thought, ideas and other interesting stuffs.




“Until this ghastly tale is told, this heart within me burns” (Coleridge)



The Ranting Chef

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“It’s like taking a nap on that little rug when you were in kindergarten.”




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::   ::  ::   ::   ::  ::  ::  ::  ::     SUMMER OFF!   ::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::   ::   ::   ::   ::

Upon weighing the pros and cons, I came to this conclusion easily and fairly quickly – I’m going to take the summer off; with my blog, I mean. My reasons are below.



I. I begin a 10 day (oral) Sanskrit class today, 1 July 2014. Why Sanskrit? Because:


 i. The course is affordable; in terms of the cost of the fees, the duration of the course, the timings of class and the location of the school.


ii. Learning a new language is supposedly good for my brain.

Learning a New Language at Any Age Helps the Brain


iii. Sanskrit is completely alien to me. I’m looking forward to mouthing gibberish new sounds and annoying people I know. (So much fun! Hee hee!)


iv. Sanskrit is a “root” language. I like, um, digging around.



II. I begin (written and spoken) Portuguese classes in early August. This is a 6 month, fairly intensive course. Why Portuguese? Because:


i. The afore mentioned trying to be forever young by learning to speak in tongues. 😉


ii. There is a good enough number of Portuguese speaking people I know in my neighbourhood and at work. Good enough to help me use it and not lose it; the way I lost French and Arabic, and the way I smartly prevented losing Chinese … by jumping the slow boat ship after merely two classes. I’m clever like that. 😉



III. I will have guests from other states and other countries; no, not all at the same time. I’m clever, remember? My friends/relatives will be with Mum and me for a minimum of 10 days each over the next three months i.e. July, August, September. I know I will not get the solitude that enables me to think and write my posts. I also prefer to be with my guests as much as I can during the brief times that we will be together. I do not want to compromise my night sleep to sit here and write either.



So these are the three reasons, I will not post over the next three months.



Subscribers, you will still safely receive posts as usual when I resume.



Those of you who have RSSed me, I honestly wouldn’t take it amiss if you choose to knock my name off your RSS list. I have 25 sites that are visible right away in my list of Feeds. While I have removed about 3 sites or so to add new blogs that I found more appealing, I will not mind one bit if you do the same to my blog. I do what works best for me. Why should you be any different, yes?



I’m sorry? *sheepish grin* Yeah. I have, haven’t I? I’ve gone done made a post about ‘no posts’. Could I be more, um, me?



Hope you enjoy


summer up North


winter down South

as much as I’m going to

enjoy my time


loved ones from the North and South.






Thank you, Opinionated Man and MuseBoxx, for signing up to follow my posts.

Thank you, storyshucker, for liking my last post.


P.S.: Cheerful Monk adds a footnote to every post acknowledging those who comment on her previous post. She also links the commenters’ names back to their own blogs.

 I like both these practices of acknowledging the time and effort made to comment, and the free advertising! So I’m doing what I do well – being a copycat! 








Sunday, 1 June 2014

Gone Fishin’

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I was looking for some ‘Gone Fishing’ images on Google Images and decided to go for this little cartoon because why state the obvious, yes?




This image is from

This image is from

I liked ‘LOST’.  I liked Hurley on ‘LOST’.



So. What’s this phishy post all about? To explain my not posting last month and this non-post this month.



Mum and I were away on 1 May for my cousin’s wedding and I was too busy before we left to tie up in a satisfactory manner the post I had scheduled for 1 May.



Mum and I are now readying to leave for another wedding in two days time. So between settling in from our return mid May to prepping for this upcoming trip, I haven’t been able to dedicate time to that post-in-waiting in order to publish it today.



‘Tis great to have control over some things in life, innit? Our blogs for example, I mean? We post when we can and not post when we can’t. That’s nice, I think.



Thank you for being patient. Those of you who wondered about my absence last month, I mean. I miss the bloggers I read regularly when they are silent for longer than (their) usual. So I’m speaking to those of you who are like me.



As for those of you who didn’t even notice my absence? Thank you! It’s people like you who help me not feel guilty about having this blog hover at the bottom of my priority list. 🙂 But this blog still is on my priority list.



But to the whole lot of you, Summer ahoy, yo!




Friday, 1 November 2013

Twoo Hoo!





Two years ago this month, I published my first post*.









This image is from

This image is from


This picture up here expresses more than

feeling a sense of accomplishment.

There’s a bit of surprise, too. 




As in, I’m surprised, and very pleasantly so I must add, that I even began blogging! It was not part of the plan years and years ago. Here, let me share what I thought of blogging all those years ago.




In 2008, I upped from China, my last pit stop away from home, and headed back home to be with Mum after Daddy had died. Shortly before I left China, I wrote a series of newsletters to my personal contacts and called it the Made in China series.




The first of the six in that series was titled Made in China: The Prologue. In this, I answered questions most frequently asked by my friends and relatives. Here’s Question Number 15 (I know! They’re a nosy lot! 😉 ) and my reply:  




Personal Contacts: 15. Why don’t you blog?




Me: Being the lazy broad that I am, below, I’ll copy one of my earliest personal responses to this increasingly frequently asked query. In early 2006, I wrote this to my friend who I shall call John Doe:



John Doe, I cannot blog. I just can’t. Put myself on the world stage. Ack!

Extreme shyness (not self consciousness, mind you) apart, I am who I am with people I know, and I’m a very different person around those I don’t know. This split personality, if you will, spills into my writing as well. I simply do not like my views being read by people I don’t know. I think it’s because I feel as if readers who do not know me will get gypped if they are exposed to a mere sliver of myself; a sliver I could very well doctor to come across as [positive personal trait]. We all know that I’m not just [positive personal traits] alone now, don’t we? Hee hee!    




You and almost everyone I know tell me I write well. Thank you; that’s lovely to hear. But you know, a big part of my penning stems from the fact that I can freely express my views to all of you because you know who I am and what I’m about i.e. my great and grungy sides. And you (all) accept me with all that.




I bare my soul in my e-mails and newsletters; be it about things I like, things that get me riled up or things that make me well up. For all that bravado in my mail to all of you, I’m very reserved around strangers or lesser known people. I’m secretive almost of my true feelings with those people, even if they (i.e. the feelings) are not controversial.




With people I don’t know, I can talk about superficial stuff *snapping fingers* easily! And I’m very good at phatic communication. But it’s not something I’m comfortable with. It’s not something I enjoy. In fact, I hate having that game face on. I do it enough in public places on a daily basis and when I’m travelling. There are times I deliberately make myself a supercilious git when speaking to new people, mainly to see how well they handle the offbeat side of me. 




I like writing. I enjoy it very much, but I don’t want my quirk to cramp my writing style. Oh, I do write on two public fora – a travel related one and a teaching one – under aliases. Duh.




I have gleaned a lot of helpful information from both those sites, and my way of giving back is sharing my experiences with others; yes, complete strangers. But on those two fora, I stick to the point when responding to queries and I’m fairly muted when expressing my opinion. I try to remain as neutral as possible, while staying true to how I really feel about whatever it is that I’m writing about.



Sometime last month, I read about websites where people can send their articles about, oh, anything, and they get paid for it. I am blessed that money has never been, and is still not, an incentive for me to write. If I were to take up something like that or even have a blog for that matter, I think I’d feel pressured to write regularly, pen profound persuasions or wax philosophical.



With my e-mails, it’s not like that. I blab about what’s on my mind, throw in a few personal anecdotes and opine vociferously. You know? It’s just like I talk to (any of) you. I spend much more time writing (personal) e-mails to people I know. Communicating with all of you this way makes me very, very happy. 🙂





And that, dear e-buddies, was what I thought of blogging back in early 2006. And for the mere fact that I am blogging now (and have been at it for the past two years), I’m glad that I haven’t been as stubborn as I can aggravatingly be about blogging(, too).



I got into this blogging game (it’s never too late, yo!) for the same reasons* I have always written my lengthy personal e-mails, newsletters and contributed on some public fora (albeit always with an alias) i.e. to help someone with something I’ve learned or to make them laugh.



*Why and Why Now 



Before I began blogging and for a short while after I did, I was terribly anxious about privacy in a public domain (an oxymoron, I know), but not anymore. I am happy with the way I’ve maintained my privacy out here with those ugly Paintshop brush strokes across the eyes in images I share. Ugh, I know. You know that I also change the names of the people I write about.



This heard, not seen mode allows me to breathe easily and be myself here. Sure, I don’t share any of my problems with you because hey, what will my personal contacts do if I don’t give them, uh, the privilege the opportunity to worry about me and fuss over me, you know what I’m sayin’?  



So you, Silent Stalker; yes, you who’s contemplating blogging, but are plagued with concerns about privacy; I’m looking right at you. I’ve been in your I so want to, but I’m SO scared to shoes.



Do it.


Just start blogging.


You divulge as much or as little of yourself as you wish.


You choose the pace.



Two years ago, I started off posting fortnightly.  Then, at the beginning of this year, I switched to once a month*.



Reasons for the slowdown here:  

*A New Day Has Come



And nothing bad happened when I changed lanes.


Nothing bad has happened since I began blogging, for that matter.


Wait. Something did happen. Once. I can’t term it ‘bad’ though.



In a particular post, I had written about one of my personal practices. One commenter commented on the way I did a certain thing. This medium is not the best for communicatng, so I cannot say that the commenter meant to be judgmental. But I chose to feel judged by that commenter’s statement.



I know for a fact that I would have expressed the same sentiment very differently. But each person is different, I know, and each of us has our own unique way of getting our message across.



Hmm. Now that I think about it, I doubt I would have commented about something like that in the first place. To someone I know well? Yes. But I’d choose my words carefully so as to minimise the chance of my words negatively affecting the person in any way.



Because to me, different from me ≠ good or bad.

Different, to me, is *shrug* just different. Period.



But would I remark about something as that commenter did to me, even if worded nicely, to one of you or authors of other blogs I read? No. Simply because I do not know any of you at all.



Okay, not not at all; I do know something about my e-peeps.



I know a smidgen more than zilch about the people I hang out with online. 



So, what did I do then? About the comment that I was slightly taken aback with? Well, I approved that comment right away and I responded, too. I calmly explained my action that was judged commented on. 



And then, after I deliberated for a few days, I took this person’s blog off my RSS list.



I had RSSed this person’s blog because this person posted material that I liked. Actually, most of it was about things I am completely unfamiliar with …. which is exactly why I liked that person’s blog! I was learning new things!




When I have a choice, being comfortable in someone’s presence is of primary importance to me. So good material alone ain’t good enough for me to read someone’s blog regularly. The mode of delivery must be (my standard of) good, too.    



In real life, I do not like being around people who make me uncomfortable in any way. Oh, I am always open to all unsolicited criticism that comes my way because I know I have plenty of room for improvement in plenty of areas in my life. I also try hard to rise above the (perceived) criticising tones, look beyond the messenger and listen to the message.



But I grant very few people the privilege of being on the lookout for and pointing out my flaws. Usually, it’s only when I deem them worthy of correcting me.



It is very hard for me to gauge those of you I meet online. Your words are all I have. And in my experience, your words are enough to get a general idea of your personalities.



So when an online acquaintance ruffles my feathers in some way, they meet the same fate as most of the same ilk in the flesh – no second chance.



There, that one commenter who I chose to believe was unduly critical of me; that was the sole bantam blip in my brief bloggy being. Other than that easily ignored bit, these have been far from terrible two years for me.



The rest of my time here has been the exact opposite. People I’ve met here on my blog, and elsewhere via my blog, have been nice, all nice and nothing but nice since I began blogging. 🙂  




This image is from

This image is from

This is how I see all of us together.

This is how I feel when I’m out here –

happy to be with all of you. 🙂




So go on; O Sceptical One, give blogging a shot.



Everyone has something important to share




Everyone has something important to learn.





You matter.












Thank you,  Julian Sherman,  Marissa Riback,  Project Light to Life and Gotta Find a Home, for signing up to follow my posts.


Thank you, The Ranting ChefMisslisted, You’ve Been Hooked!  and FLOWERSBLOOMS by “Elvie”, for commenting on my last post. 

Thank you, The Ranting Chef, Work Less Live More, Brandye Dague,  Misslisted, You’ve Been Hooked!  and FLOWERSBLOOMS by “Elvie”, for liking my last post. 





P.S.: Cheerful Monk adds a footnote to every post acknowledging those who comment on her previous post. She also links the commenters’ names back to their own blogs.


I like both these practices of acknowledging the time and effort made to comment, and the free advertising! So I’m doing what I do well – being a copycat!  





Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Cuts Like A Knife

Are you thinking of this? 

F~R~R~R~R~E~E~Z~I~N~G! (As in, ‘The Hot and Cold’ game.)
This post has nothing to do with him. Or even music.
So why is the title of one of his albums (and one of his songs as well) the title of this post?
Swooning done. Time to chop-chop ahead with this post.
Partoku knife.
“Par-what-ku knife?”, I hear you say? Okay, not you; I heard myself blurt that (out loud, too) when, about two weeks ago, I read a review of a set of knives on The Ranting Chef’s blog:  
Food…cooking…eating….tools – What works, and what doesn’t!
This post, to be precise.
Like a whole lotta things I’ve never heard of before, I hadn’t heard of Partoku knives. So off to Google I trotted, and the next nearly half-hour galloped away as I whizzed through a handful of stories of how some knives are born.
I went back to The Ranting Chef’s blog to thank him for introducing me to that fascinating slice in the world of knives. There, as is my usual habit, I read through all the earlier comments. In the last comment, the commenter posed a question about the knives. I knew that answer immediately. And all the pages I was reading about Partoku knives were still up on my screen.
Now instead of being like that annoying kid in class whose hand pops up to answer every question the teacher asks, I became like the even more annoying kid and …. blurted out the answer …. with the URL as well! Proof of my annoying behaviour in the comments section of that post.
To put it in context: I answered a question, about a part of the post, put forth by a commenter, to the owner of the blog.  
That is not proper (n)etiquette. I know that. Daddy and Mummy taught me so. I learned well, too.
So why that fit of misbehaviour? Because I knew I could.
I knew I could answer that question and not worry about getting my wrist rapped.
And I knew I could write this post without giving him a heads-up or seeking permission to mention his blog
I know The Ranting Chef’s a cool dude.
Nope! Just like you; yes, you reading right now, I do not know The Ranting Chef at all. I RSSed his blog nearly a year ago. (I think.) From his posts, I figured he’s a cool dude. Am I clever or wot?! Actually not.
“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” ~ Lao Tzu
Ever since I began reading The Ranting Chef’s blog, his words have been consistently cool dude-esque. Therefore, I’m pretty certain his character is cool dude-esque, too.
To me, a cool dude is, among other things, a dude* who is down-to-earth, loves his family, never says anything mean about/to anyone, and is kind.
I find that that’s The Ranting Chef, through and through, and I find his posts wholesome. The ‘Ranting’ part of his name is a misnomer, really.
*Incidentally, I think of a dude as a person; not someone of a specific gender. After all, Dawg calls me ‘Dude’.  For his own reasons which are completely different from mine.
The importance of kindness is not often emphasised once we leave the cocoons of our high schools and our neighbourhoods.
George Saunders (New York Times bestselling American writer. Born 1958.) does this in a commencement speech earlier this year.

Wait, there’s more!
The Ranting Chef is so da cool dude, he even thanked me for being that even more annoying kid who pipsqueak-ed the answer to the question before he could!  
To me, someone like that, is non-egotistic and generous in spirit.
And peeps, do I dig such peeps?!     
So this is the reason, I chose to write about The Ranting Chef this month.
Oh, and another reason.
Okay, you know how I’m clever all the time, right? (All together now: “Yes, Kate.”)
But do you also know I can be brilliant a lot of times, too? (Once again, all together: “Totally, Kate.”) 
Well, this is one of those classic times I’ve been so clever and so brilliant that, only 10 days ago, did I realise that I should have told you about Diced! a long time ago. 😦
The Ranting Chef has something called a Diced! competition on his blog and it’s open to everyone.
Essentially, you pick a recipe, cook it, take piccies of the process and the final product, weave it all into a lovely story and submit to participate in the competition. Oh, there are rules an’ all. But those are simple and creatively challenging. That’s why I like … reading the submissions!
(Since I moved back to be with Mum, I have the luxury of help once again. So I let them do their thang because I enjoy cuisine from my childhood days. And I like being fussed over. 🙂 )
The Ranting Chef‘s blog is in the middle of one such Diced! event, so you can’t participate at this juncture. Worry not though. You could join his legion of seven-thousand-and-who’s-counting? followers to tune in for future competitions.
Or you could be like me, and visit The Ranting Chef’s blog to enjoy learning much more about food-as-sustenance-alone. 🙂
::   ::  ::   ::   ::  ::  :: ::     WELCOME BACK, MJ!  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::   ::   ::   ::   ::
One of my favourite bloggers is back! After months and months and months of silence!  
I know this isn’t, and hasn’t been for a while, the easiest of times for you and your family, MJ. Warm thoughts and prayers from afar.
I’ve truly missed your good-natured banter, tales with a moral and clean humour. You never budged from my RSS list. 🙂
mj monaghan
A steeping cup of infotainment.

Thank you, Misslisted, You’ve Been Hooked!  and FLOWERSBLOOMS by “Elvie”, for commenting on my last post.


Thank you, Misslisted, You’ve Been Hooked! and FLOWERSBLOOMS by “Elvie”, for liking my last post.




P.S.: Cheerful Monk adds a footnote to every post acknowledging those who comment on her previous post. She also links the commenters’ names back to their own blogs.


I like both these practices of acknowledging the time and effort made to comment, and the free advertising! So I’m doing what I do well – being a copycat!  


Monday, 1 July 2013

Comment Ça Va?



Bien, I hope, mes amies?



(For those who do not understand French:

Comment ça va? = How’s it going?

Bien = Well/Fine/Good.

Mes amies  = My friends. )



What’s with the jingle-jangled English-French?



Well. It’s Canada Day today. So ‘Happy Canada Day!‘ to my handful of Canuck readers!



Is that why I bilingual-ed ?



Um, no.



Okay. I am too lazy to pretend much longer, so I’ll spit it out – this post is based on a reader’s comment, and I tried to hint at that in the title.



“Huh”, you say?



Right. I’ll explain.



As mentioned in my last post,

Listen to Your Heart

I was away on a 3-week holiday with Mum. Since I got back a week ago, I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to work on the topic that I had slotted for this month’s post.



I like to enjoy everything I do, my routine activities included. I do not like stressing myself out in any which way and I don’t like giving whoever or whatever less than my best. Hence, I’ve mastered the cunning wonderful art of pacing myself and prioritising.



Since I wasn’t in a mood to cobble together a regular post


Since I owed The Hook a reply to the comment he had left on my previous post

Two birds + One stone — Bam! —> This post!

Comment ça va indeed! 😉



Thank you, Hook, for bailing me out letting me reply to your earlier comment in this post. Take a bow:




You’ve Been Hooked!  

Observations from the trenches….




The Book of Terrible

Shining a Light on Mankind’s missteps…




The Hook and I have a few things in common. One of them – we love dogs. So does Bestie Boy.




Yes, this … this … is my friend.
And that’s the family pet.




Bestie Boy attended a doggie event over a recent weekend. Here’s an excerpt of his experience.



Bestie Boy: The annual Dog Club garden party was one of the weirdest ‘little [Name Of His Country]‘ events I’ve ever been to!  Literally hundreds of dogs running about sniffing each other’s ars#s and gobbling sausages and cake … what better way to spend a Sunday?



Fortunately, my other friend, The Hook, is tame and well behaved.



Hark! Check out ze cutie!




Meet The Hook’s doggie.
Call her Chelsea. She’ll respond to you.




Get this! Chelsea speaks! Like, for realsies, people! Check out her bow wows here:



Two Guest Posts For The Price of One!



Back to The Hook.



Chelsea’s Handler had a medical crisis in the family recently and he has written an uncommon, practical list of battle acquired tips after his too-close-for-comfort encounter.



If you happen to be in the same unfortunate boat, I recommend you head over to

The !ndie Chicks

and read:

The Hook’s Guide To Being A Medical Wing-man



Now, onto the comment and response.



Hook’s Original Comment

Kate, Thank you for the musical therapy, the journey through time, and for just being you. Be well, my friend. We’ll talk soon. The Hook.



My Response

>Thank you for the musical therapy,

– You’re welcome, Hook!


It is fitting that you use the word ‘therapy’. I thought of an article I had read that explained the science behind the therapy of music. Title, link and a key quote next.

Why Your Brain Craves Music

“When we’re listening to music, the most advanced areas of the brain tie in to the most ancient.”


>the journey through time,

– I’m glad that you enjoyed your flashback. I felt good, too, going back two decades while working on that post.  


I was quite a big Roxette fan(atic). Aped Marie Fredriksson’s moves, outfits and hairdos. I stopped at bleaching my spikes blonde though.


>and for just being you.

– Well, yes, I can be nice for the most part. Just make sure you don’t catch me when I’m hungry or angry. 😉


>Be well, my friend.

– I was, Hook. Still am.


>We’ll talk soon.

– We certainly did! Thanks for putting up with the outta sight chatter, too, especially when you and the family were embroiled in:

The Past is Behind Us. The Future is Out of Reach. So Live for Today.


>Glad to hear you and Mum had fun.

– The fun bits were guaranteed, so to speak, but that our travels across 4 small towns/cities were mishap free is something I am very grateful for. 


 I’ll spare you yet another 1,000 words and let Mum’s smile say it all. 




Still smiling when we landed a rustic town after a 14 hour train ride.

Oh, look! By responding to a comment here, I’ve managed to cobble together a decent post!



A novel concept? Not likely.

Convenient? Most definitely.

Cunning? Um, comment ça va, mes amies?




Thank you, ArchangelTravel and GLENN FOLKES, for signing up to follow my posts.


Thank you, You’ve Been Hooked!  and FLOWERSBLOOMS by “Elvie”, for commenting on my last post.


Thank you, You’ve Been Hooked! and FLOWERSBLOOMS by “Elvie”, for liking my last post.




P.S.: Cheerful Monk adds a footnote to every post acknowledging those who comment on her previous post. She also links the commenters’ names back to their own blogs.


I like both these practices of acknowledging the time and effort made to comment, and the free advertising! So I’m doing what I do well – being a copycat!  

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Saturday, 15 December 2012


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It’s that time of the year again when I take stock of my doings and undoings and mis-doings.



I have two lists specifically that I work on at this time. I call those lists ‘Diamond’ and ‘Coal’.



Coal is about the ‘bad’ things that were lumped my way this year. But those things are never bad entirely, because coal can turn into diamond. So one way or another, I’m wiser.  



Diamond is about all the precious things that were heaped upon me this year. Some rough, some sparkly, some well-cut, some odd shaped, but all of extremely high value.



The Coal list gets done with pretty quickly, so I get that out of the way first. And then I savour prancing around like Richie Rich with his diamond studded toys.  



Among the many things I am thankful for this year is



No, he won't hurt you.



Yes, YOU reading this right now.


(Bestie Boy burning up the floor with one of his classic moves.)



YOU have given me the all important impetus to keep this blog going since I began 13 months ago. If my Stats chart was white all the time, I would have given up writing here a while back. But I get white columns twice a month or so.



I’m happy with blue columns that reach for the top margin, I’m happy with blue columns that hover around the bottom margin and I’m happy when I get white columns*as well. Those white columns give me a fresh lease on my rather relaxed approach towards my blog.



*Non-Wordpress bloggers, blue columns correspond to the number of visitors to the blog i.e. y-axis on a particular day i.e. x-axis. The white column is really a blank column on the Stats chart; an indication of no visitors to the blog that particular day.  




The Stats chart in WordPress.



I am also very grateful that YOU allow me to maintain privacy with those ugly strips across the eyes. Avoiding the kind of attention I dislike is something I fight in real life. I’ve discovered I now have a reflexive aversion to most kinds of attention that come my way, until I feel safe or comfortable with the source. Here’s some more light on this matter.



This is an excerpt from my e-mail last year to a friend. 



I find it degrading that I garner attention primarily because of my matchstick body when I have so much more to offer as a person. Oh, I am very grateful that I get attention, even after so many spins around the sun. I’ve been blessed to never not get attention my entire life, so I don’t know what harmful measures I’d resort to if I were to crave attention. Still, I am human and it saddens me that people [guys especially 😦  ] do not see the non-physical side of me right away or even after a while.  



In some strange manner, covering my(/our) eyes makes me feel less noticed. For putting up with the (wholly inartistically) defaced photographs I (dare to) share, a special ‘Thank you’, dear readers.



So. Why all this gratitude towards YOU?



Because YOU – lovely peeps I do not know (personally) at all – make this blog happen.



Well, yes; I do all the writing. But how boring would my words be if I did not jazz up my somnolent soliloquy with a picture here or a quote there from YOU?



How would I have been thrilled had 13 among YOU not chosen to Follow my blog posts or subscribe to them?



How would I have felt that sudden, tiny surge of triumph and pride had YOU not Liked my posts?



How would I have been delighted to yammer away in response to practically every line had YOU not Commented?



I began this blog to merely share what I’ve learnt from and what I’ve laughed at in my own life. I wanted to share these in the hope that, just like I did via blogs of strangers I had read and stories I had heard in person; YOU, too, could learn without having to endure the uncomfortable side-effects of certain experiences, or to relish the fun of my lighter moments.



I have stayed on track with my blog


I could focus primarily on what I love i.e. writing


I did not have to fret about making my posts more visually appealing


YOU graciously permitted me to share material from your sites


YOU thrilled me when YOU






on my posts.

Oh, even when YOU visited and read silently. My Stats don’t lie, yo.  



For giving me the opportunity to bask in all those lovely feelings and for letting me enjoy the main reasons I began this blog, thank you, YOU. 🙂



But I’m not done.



You know how I like to brag, right? I also like the share the lurv



So here’s the Who’s Who behind making this blog one of my many bright spots this year.  There are four ‘categories’. They are



I. The Large Hearts

II. The Brave Hearts

III. The Make-Me-Chatter-Away-My-Heart(s)

IV. The Warm-My-Heart(s)



I will list every one of YOU in the following manner:



Your Website Name

Your Tag Line and/or Organisation

Your Website Address  


(A few names are repeated across ‘categories’.)




I. The Large Hearts AKA The Generous Lenders

I have been very lucky every time I’ve sought permission to “borrow” an image (primarily), a website or a quote. I have never been turned down by anyone. Had a few requests not answered at all, yes; kicked to the curb, no.



One thing that surprised me many a time, was how surprised people were that I made the effort to ask for permission to use some of their material when I could just, um, help myself. The blogosphere is a pretty big place, after all. But if I did do that, I’d be forgetting one of the many little lessons Daddy (and Mummy) taught me:



“Do not take someone else’s things without asking them first.” 



So, these are the lovely people who were generous with their material that I used in my posts since I began in November 2011.



This image is from

This image is from




Andrea Pascale

Word Decor ‘n More

I got my Gravatar image from Andrea. Daddy’s Girl is still lovin’ it!



Jean Browman

Cheerful Monk



Colin Gibson

Dunedin Methodist Parish



Van Wijnen



Sidney Snoeck

This is a photo blog about the Philippines.



Heidi McDonald
Creator and Website Manager
Unique Teaching Resources
“Engage Your Students in Learning!”




English Department of



Margo and Alan

DIY STRESS RELIEF everyday . living . better




Rocco’s Pop Revolution: Seen through the eyes of someone living it



Susan, John and Erin

Happy Life U



Bahar, Hadhoud, Rasha and Ahmed

Chapter Q8



Bill Hitchcock




II. The Brave Hearts AKA The Followers

I am a little possessive about my e-mail space and I do what I can to avoid waking up to a bulging Inbox every day. Not everyone has my phobia, it seems, because these people, by Following me, have chosen to let me invade that space with my posts that are hot off the press!



This group, Brave Hearts, also includes those of YOU who have RSSed my blog or Bookmarked me in some way.





Cheerful Monk



mj monaghan

A steeping cup of infotainment.



365 Veterans

Project 365/ honoring a Veteran a day, for a year.



Believe Anyway

Finding Ways to Be Optimistic Even During Trying Times




How Orples Came To Be, and other interesting stuff




Every single story has a beginning at its end.



Parashar’s Tales

Woman – Vulnerable, Strong, lover, hater  




MY WORLD IS A KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLOR! Paintings of my life’s journey, experiences, cherished memories, emotions, thought, ideas and other interesting stuffs.  



Girl Meets Bulgaria



domestic diva, M.D.   

my mother raised the perfect housewife…then I went to med school



Official Website of Alberto Monnar

Composer, Saxophonist, Pianist, Vocalist



JUMP FOR JOY! Photo Project

Showcasing the beauty of the human spirit — in mid-air — around the world




I am love. I am divine. I am grateful. I am bliss. I am here. I am Sufey.




III. The Make-Me-Chatter-Away-My-Heart(s) AKA The Commenters

Aww, you lot! YOU get me to do exactly what I was born to do love doing – blab blab blabbedy blab!




This image is from



I sincerely appreciate the time YOU take to think things over and type out those comments. It’s something I don’t do often on most of the blogs I read, but that’s a choice I make for a handful of reasons; the main one (which, I know full well, is also the most stupid one) being – EVERYONE will see me! (*rolling my eyes* … for you. 😉 ) So although I have things to say almost every time, I have to warm up to someone(‘s words) and THEN! Just ask the unfortunate ones below.




How Orples Came To Be, and other interesting stuff



mj monaghan

A steeping cup of infotainment.  



You’ve Been Hooked!   

Observations from the trenches….

The Hook’s got a book! It’s called ‘The Bellman Chronicles’. Deets on his blog.



Cheerful Monk




MY WORLD IS A KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLOR! Paintings of my life’s journey, experiences, cherished memories, emotions, thought, ideas and other interesting stuffs.



Parashar’s Tales

Woman – Vulnerable, Strong, lover, hater  




IV. The Warm-My-Heart(s) AKA The Like-rs

I like! I really, really like! I get royally chuffed when I see that YOU have Liked my post. It’s the simplest way to high five me.  




This image is from



But do I do that when I know I want to press a Like button on someone else’s post? Haven’t you been paying attention to my mewling? People will see me, um, People.



vikram roy’s blog

Free Thinking, Motivation, Poems, Art, Literature, Music, Love, & Oxygen: A Complete Blog



You’ve Been Hooked!   

Observations from the trenches….

Haff you checked out ‘The Bellman Chronicles’? Best place to start? Hook’s blog.



maze a day


Welcome to the #1 Featured Photographer Blog on the web!



mj monaghan

A steeping cup of infotainment.




How Orples Came To Be, and other interesting stuff



Bucket List Publications

Indulge – Travel, Adventure, & New Experiences







A forum for creative and analytic discussion of the text that surrounds us 



Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Food…cooking…eating….tools – What works, and what doesn’t!



“Ka-byahe ~ The Island of Your Imagination”

Robi assures you that through this blog, he will get you far than you imagined!






my zen city




Every single story has a beginning at its end.




Unique Art by RAY FERRER – Business or Residential








And that’s the end of one section of my ‘Diamond’ list for 2012. 




If you celebrate Christmas,


La Familia

My Family

To Yours,

Have a very merry one!



If you don’t celebrate Christmas,

May this time leading to end of the year

Be a cheery one!



 Cheer is a freebie!



And on that sparkling, frosted note,

My dear blings

(YOU’re on the ‘Diamond’ list, remember?),

‘Thank You’ very much


Your support and encouragement

in 2012.


See YOU All in the new year!



::   ::  ::   ::   ::  ::  ::  ::  ::     A SPECIAL HUG   ::  ::  ::  ::  ::  ::   ::   ::   ::   ::

I miss you, Marcy*. Every so often, I think of you, Magi, Oscar and Olivia, and everyone else I got acquainted with through your delightful narrations. I hope all of you are well. Please come back soon. Oh, and Dora** sends you the pip-pest of her squeaks. 🙂

*Marcy is The Orples’ – Olivia and Oscar – brain mama, as I call her. Because this lively pair of orange (the fruit)-people siblings were “born” in her mind. (

**Dora is my “pet” dormouse. Like me, Marcy is fond of animals and remembered my dormouse after I referred to her[(?) Dora] on Marcy’s blog a while earlier. Needless to say, I was chuffed that Marcy remembered me little, um, rodent.



Thank you, Sufey, for signing up to follow my posts.

Thank you, The Book of Terrible, for commenting on my last post.

Thank you, Urban Wall Art & Murals, The Vibe 101 and The Book of Terrible  for liking my last post.


P.S.: Cheerful Monk adds a footnote to every post acknowledging those who comment on her previous post. She also links the commenters’ names back to their own blogs.

 I like both these practices of acknowledging the time and effort made to comment, and the free advertising! So I’m doing what I do well – being a copycat! 




Thursday, 15 December 2011

Why and Why Now

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I have liked writing as much as I did reading for as long as I can remember. Not poetry or prose; no, nothing as profound as that. I liked writing letters to relatives who lived in other parts of the country and the world. I liked writing essays in school. I even liked the exercise in English literature class wherein we constructed sentences using words we had just learned in our school lesson.

After I left high school, my creative writing was restricted to mail alone. Since I began writing my newsletters in 2006 to a bigger group of my contacts, I’ve been told several times by some of them that I ought to blog or write where I could reach a wider reader base. I appreciated their encouragement, but I was held back by apprehensions over privacy.

I’ve experienced some difficult emotional times in the past 3 years. Despite that, I have had, and still do have, a good grip on my life due to my faith, my family and my friends. Reading a couple of blogs, too, helped bolster my spirits if they threatened to sag. Blogs written by strangers taught me about things I didn’t know; oh, just random things that connected dots sometimes, or took me into completely new terrain at other times. Some blogs made me smile, some made me laugh. An upward curve of the mouth or the mouth opened wide with head thrown back is welcome no matter the emotional climate!

I noticed the growing influence in my life of blogs written by people I do not know at all and one day, a few months ago …

This image is licensed under Creative Commons. Thank you, cheerfulmonk, for letting me share your luminescence!

I realised I could still help people the way Daddy would have liked me to!

In the past, when the people I care about went through dips in life, I was not always right next to them to  alleviate their pain or to make them feel less lonely, but my written word came pretty darned close to wrapping my arms around their slumped shoulders, some told me. Others said they felt energised by my tales, and that caused them to be tail-between-the-legs no more. And there were a handful of others who blurted something along the lines of, “Kate, you are one cray-zay woman!” I prefer to interpret those as compliments.

So, since my hammer-and-tongs hands (which is beaten in volume only by my motor mouth) could elicit such responses from people I know, could my words then have the same effect on people I do not know at all? A pretty ambitious thought. And there’s only one way to find out.

As mentioned in  the ‘About This Blog’ page, I have chosen not to tell any of the people I know about this blog; not even those on the character roll. I want readers to be drawn to my blog on the strength of my narrative. Not because I am some font of wisdom; not by a long shot! But because I learn from people I don’t know at all, too; by observing them and reading about them in their own words or someone else’s. I hope to pass on my experience and views with the same hope that it may help someone in some way. If you happen to crack a smile or chuckle even while perusing my posts, even better!

In my fourth and current career avatar as a social worker, I try to do what I can to make the people I come in contact with feel a little less burdened, a little less alone.

Thank you, Colin Gibson, for permitting me the use of your image.

As Daddy wished all those years ago, I am ready to reach out to a wider group. Finally.

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