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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Gone Fishin’

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I was looking for some ‘Gone Fishing’ images on Google Images and decided to go for this little cartoon because why state the obvious, yes?




This image is from

This image is from

I liked ‘LOST’.  I liked Hurley on ‘LOST’.



So. What’s this phishy post all about? To explain my not posting last month and this non-post this month.



Mum and I were away on 1 May for my cousin’s wedding and I was too busy before we left to tie up in a satisfactory manner the post I had scheduled for 1 May.



Mum and I are now readying to leave for another wedding in two days time. So between settling in from our return mid May to prepping for this upcoming trip, I haven’t been able to dedicate time to that post-in-waiting in order to publish it today.



‘Tis great to have control over some things in life, innit? Our blogs for example, I mean? We post when we can and not post when we can’t. That’s nice, I think.



Thank you for being patient. Those of you who wondered about my absence last month, I mean. I miss the bloggers I read regularly when they are silent for longer than (their) usual. So I’m speaking to those of you who are like me.



As for those of you who didn’t even notice my absence? Thank you! It’s people like you who help me not feel guilty about having this blog hover at the bottom of my priority list. 🙂 But this blog still is on my priority list.



But to the whole lot of you, Summer ahoy, yo!





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