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Monday, 1 April 2013

I Eat, Therefore, I Am.



A big mouth. No, seriously. I have a big mouth. All the better to eat with and all that. Okay, I mean, I am a big mouth. Like, a really LOUD mouth. 



When I find something that has helped me in some way, I open my mouth nice and wide, and yeah, often put my foot right into it, but I also love to blab about what I’ve “discovered”.



And that’s what I’m going to do in this post. I’m going to blather about fodder.



Now there are reams of scientific evidence connecting good nutrition and a healthy body. Over the years, I have read many such articles and about 15 years ago, I began to adopt certain practices. I think they work.



I am healthy i.e. I do not have any known medical ailment to date. I go for an annual medical check-up and all tests have consistently been normal. Why I find that abnormal is, because every single classmate of mine, from my school years who I have kept in touch with over the years to date, has been diagnosed with some health related blip. Some are on medication, some have undergone surgery for gall stones and kidney stones, and one has even undergone a coronary bypass. His blockages were attributed to an unhealthy lifestyle.



So I really do believe that some of my “madness” (as my dietary adjustments have frequently been called) works to some degree. I have shared my diet schedule with people I know. I now feel comfortable enough to cast a wider net.



That Disclaimer Thing:

I don’t know how to do this in a way that will save my behind from being sued by anyone, but I’ll try.



1. Please consult your doctor before you decide to adopt anything I write about here.



2. Please read up as many sites and delve into as many sources as you deem necessary to be comfortable with the things I do before you decide to adopt anything I write about here.



3. None of this is scientifically tested or proven by me. It is all based on how I feel and how my body feels.



Another VERY important point about my ‘diet schedule’, if you will, of today is, that I began making tiny changes, one at a time, over a decade and half ago.



I had repeatedly read certain things in a variety of magazines (this was pre-Windows era), thought they made sense, and decided to give them a go. Having noticed a positive difference almost every time, I was buoyed by the success and adopted that new habit. When that practice fitted fluidly into my routine, I was spurred to try something else new. Nearly two decades later, and I have settled for the schedule I will chalk out below.  



ACHTUNG! When I talk about my diet schedule to someone for the first time, this is the most common response I get.







I normally get out of bed at 6 a.m. and crash at 10 p.m. I down something almost soon after I wake up and my dinner (the last meal/snack of the day) is at 8 p.m.





6 a.m.: One tbsp Honey  +  one tbsp Coconut/Apple Cider Vinegar with 250 ml warm water


6.30 a.m. to 8 a.m.: One and a half litre Green Tea  


8 a.m.: Porridge made with:  

400 ml Milk +  2 tbsp Oats  +   1 heaped tsp ground   Flax Seeds  +  1 heaped tsp ground Millets  1 tsp grated Jaggery  +  1 tbsp rehydrated (dark) Raisins  +  1 Date  +  2 threads Saffron  


2 sliced Bananas added to the above when cooked.


10 a.m. to 11 a.m.: 500 ml Green Tea 


11.30 a.m.: Fruit  or  Raw vegetable  or  Sprouts


12.30 p.m.: LUNCH


Main Course:

Brown Rice/Quinoa/Couscous/Wild Rice with an equal amount of Lentils/Beans

cooked with

A pinch of Turmeric  +  2 peels of dried Kokum  or  ½ tsp Tamarind paste  +  1 Red/Green Chillie


A Fish based dish with a thick-ish gravy/sauce


Cooked Vegetable


Entire plate topped with:

1 level tsp mix of minced Ginger, Garlic, Onion and Corriander Leaves



Two squares of Chocolate  or  a slice of Cake  or  a wedge of Pie  or  a small bowl of Pudding


3 p.m.: 300 ml Green Tea


4 p.m.: Processed snack: Crisps (Chips)  or  Biscuits (Cookies)  or  Savoury/Not-too-sweet Bites (Munchies)  


6 p.m.: 300 ml Green Tea

7 p.m.: 250 ml Yoghurt  +  Fruit  +  1 Walnut  +  2 Almonds  +  3 Cashews/Pistachios/Pine Nuts  


8.30 p.m.: DINNER


Main Course:

Beef/Chicken/Lamb/Pork cooked with a Leafy Vegetable and Soya Nuggets


Cooked Vegetable


Multi-grain Brown Bread  or  Whole Wheat Pita Bread  


Entire plate topped with:

1 level tsp mix of minced Ginger, Garlic, Onion and Corriander Leaves



Two squares of Chocolate  or  a slice of Cake  or  a wedge of Pie  or  a small bowl of Pudding 




And voila! Non-achy, non-breaky heart and the rest of me. 



There are many one-time variations, of course. For example, I will buy a carton of soy milk or rice milk on occasion and have that instead of yoghurt. Then, there’s my Sunday Breakfast that I mentioned in my previous post, ‘I Live To Eat, Too.



All the little oddities, like:

Saffron and millets in the porridge

Beans, turmeric and chillie in the rice


Leafy vegetables with the meats

are to add a little nutritional heft to the dishes since each of those ingredients are supposedly good for us, and I cannot prepare more dishes nor eat any more often than I already do to make sure I eat a little of those items on a regular basis.



What I like about myself where my eating is concerned is that I love my healthy choices as much as I do the junk. I also like that I’m not hung up on healthy food nor do I vilify unhealthy food.



Also, very important:

I do not inflict impose these culinary quirks on any of my visitors


I leave this schedule at home when I leave my house*.

So I get to indulge all senses when I abandon all sensibilities at spreads away home. Big whoop!

*Except when I go to work every day.



I have always had a ravenous appetite, so the frequent munching comes easily to me. (Thank you, freakishly high BMR!) What I have consciously changed is the poisonous high-sugar, high-fat fare I gorged on after I left home at 19 (no parental supervision, yaay!) until my mid twenties. That kind of food kept me satiated for longer periods, but when I grew older, I realised that although I could not see the flubber build up on the outside, I was most definitely lining my blood vessels and damaging other organs on the inside with my unhealthy choices.



There are a couple of  restrictions and preferences that I have with the source of my food. As I thought about that list, I realised it would fit better in a post of its own. I will share that with you all in a few months. I’ve got month related posts scheduled next.



Eating the way I do today, even though it was one teeny tiny change at a time, was not easy at all for me at first. Almost every ‘new experiment’ felt awful at the time (s~h~u~d~d~e~r) and tasted even worse (big, fat YUCK).



But years on, I am enjoying the results of my hard-at-first choices.




This was taken yesterday i.e. Easter Sunday.


This is in my (side) yard.

I was heading to the backyard when I got the whiff of our Easter lunch lamb ribs being grilled.


These are my ‘Yaay for yum!’, happy-left-feet moves that I was busting,

while unbeknownst to me, Big Bro busted my b#tt! 



When he guffawed over the exposé with the family later,

I realised this picture would be appropriate here because:



1. My halter top is from my high school days. 

2. My boots are from my college days.

3. My shorts are, um, new(er). Like, 12 years old only.


I have no doubt my diet plays a significant role in letting me gleefully get stuck in my sartorial past.




I wish the same kind of energy, health-problem-free confidence and zest of life for everyone.



Give healthy food choices a shot, e-Friends.



And while we’re at it, let’s try and keep our Mother Earth in the pink, too.




 Happy Earth Day!


This image is from
22 April is Earth Day.


Thank you, Matty Byloos, for permitting me the use of your image. 



Matty Byloos (

is a former-teacher-current-writer/painter.



As you, my regular readers, know, I’m no good at art. And I make no bones about that fact either.

But as you, my regular readers again, also know, I’ve got a green beating heart. And a big mouth! 🙂  



Nature lovin’ hippies like me, and what the heck, not-tree-huggers-yet, too,  (I don’t discriminate!),

check out Matty Byloos’ other passion – the environment.



For news in general about how our choices affect the environment


specific tips that we can use to reduce our carbon footprint, head over to Matty Byloos’s website:







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Sandy Nana’s Fudge Cookies! Sorry, Friendskies, I’m not done talking about food. Or going back in time.


Oh, Sandy Nana was Mum’s mum. She passed away nearly 20 years ago. But I still remember her.


Sandy Nana wasn’t a terribly accomplished cook, but when I was little, I loved the Fudge Cookies she baked. I actually cannot remember the exact taste of those cookies, but I remember what I felt like around her, especially when she made up stories and made those cookies.


Which is why I got stupidly giddy today when I keyed in ‘Sandy Nana’s Fudge Cookies’ and Google NoseBETA whisked me back in time!


Google who? Google Nose BETA, people!


‘Tis this newest, whizz-est offering from the mighty search engine. You know how you can search for text/data, images and all? Well, now you can search for …. smells! I KNOW!


Go, watch the vid first, follow the instructions and and check it out! Make that – sniff ‘em out!


You can find the following link below the Search box on Google’s Home Page. (


Google Nose BETA


Oh, a confession tip. Actually, I didn’t look for Sandy Nana’s Fudge Cookies, I just typed ‘Fudge Cookies’. Duh.


And fell on my face.


Go forth and enjoy the same fate. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t wish the same for you, e-Amigos?




Thank you, FLOWERSBLOOMS by “Elvie” and You’ve Been Hooked!, for commenting on my last post.


Thank you, Rantings of an Amateur Chef, Kathryn Darvill, FLOWERSBLOOMS by “Elvie” and  You’ve Been Hooked!, for liking my last post.


P.S.: Cheerful Monk adds a footnote to every post acknowledging those who comment on her previous post. She also links the commenters’ names back to their own blogs.

 I like both these practices of acknowledging the time and effort made to comment, and the free advertising! So I’m doing what I do well – being a copycat! 






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