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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Mumpty Dumpty

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Mumpty Dumpty walked past a wall
Mumpty Dumpty had a not-great fall
An orthopaedic surgeon, a team of nurses, and a physiotherapist
Worked hard to put
Mumpty Dumpty back on her feet again.



E-friends, it wasn’t just the saints who came marching in on the 1st of November. Mum was marching along at home, doing some routine chore, when her flip-flop got caught in the track of the patio sliding door and …  and Mum went for a toss!  



Right from the time Mum fell,

through her hospitalisation



Blinged out! Um, in.



to her recovery at home



Thrilled after her first post-op shower at home!



to her first visit outside our home,



In our chapel after Mass with two of her close friends in our neighbourhood.




Mum has been upbeat albeit with the normal anxious moment here and there.




The unexpected path Mum got on has been largely smooth, too, with the expected handful of wrinkles.



(Thank you, God, for averting the many problems that could have cropped up!)



So this is why, dear e-Friends, I haven’t visited your sites or commented all of last month.  



Blogs, my own and yours that I read, will continue to sit on the back burner for the next three months i.e. until February 2014. That’s when Mum is expected to function absolutely normally on her awesome ownsome.



Until then, thank you all for understanding.





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