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Friday, 1 March 2013

I Live To Eat, Too.



And that’s an open secret with me because I believe that:





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In this post, I will not share the obvious i.e. how much I love feeding my face eating, but how I ‘use’ food.



Food comforts; that’s a known fact. First, I will let an excerpt elaborate on how that fact plays out in my life.



This excerpt is between a friend, who I shall refer to as Friend, and myself. Friend’s words are in blue; mine, as always, in brown.



Friend: I try my best to cope with my problems, but some days, Kate, I feel like nothing works. So I work on keeping myself busy with stuff.



Me: This can be a good thing, Friend, but please make sure that your distractions are not related to work and chores alone. Indulge in activities that make you feel good. For me, it’s something as simple as my (childhood) ‘Sunday breakfast’ which, since my return to the nest, I do not have on Sundays anymore because I am happy to be home again after years of living like a nomad. But when I need a pick-me-up or even just to get a hit of feel-good feelings for the heck of it, I go for that familiar Sunday breakfast.



I take an egg out of the fridge the previous night. As I down my one litre of green tea (over a period of an hour) before brekkie, I anticipate digging into the finished product. The excitement builds as I begin making the breakfast itself.



I fry an egg, sunny side up, I slather one slice of brown bread with butter, turn the egg over on the unbuttered slice, spread the yolk all over, sprinkle pepper and grated cheese, and if I have some at home, I cover the entire slice with deli meat.



I’ve never liked to chomp into the whole sammy because I don’t like food getting smeared around my mouth. I feel uncouth uncomfortable, too, trying to grab the whole thing with both hands. So I cut up the sandwich into 2-bite, bite sized pieces, pull up a chair to face one of the open windows in my dining room, look out into the garden and HALLELUJAH! The winged ones go all Broadway on me. For realsies, Friend! 🙂



Then it’s onto the coffee preparation.  





This image comes very close to what my own cuppa Joe looks like

– colourful cup and non-pro looking, finished product.




I love coffee, but I drink it only when I’m extra happy or if I want to make myself happy. This process, too, is anticipated and salivated over.



The coffee I drink today is way better than what Isabella fooled me with when I was little. I still like it all-milk-no-water, strong and sweet, just the way Isabella lovingly made it for me, but in my early 20s, I discovered the magic of Bailey’s or Amarula with coffee. 🙂 Being a teetotaler, I detest the stench smell of alcohol, but I absolutely love how alcohol transforms certain culinary preparations. Over the years, I have gradually learned to, um, inspirit dishes from hors d‘oeuvres  to desserts, and of course, coffee. 🙂 



With both these, the sandwich and the coffee of my Sunday breakfast, every step is even more exaggerated than the way I normally eat. I am s~l~o~w, deliberate and then, I savour the sun kissed, ripened fruits of my patience.



My Sunday breakfast leaves me happy for a whole hour at least.



I’ve also noticed that when the high subsides, I don’t crash with a thud, but I am more mellow for the rest of the day, or that breakfast happiness sets off a chain of mini happy things for me.



What also makes me happy is reading or watching something funny. And another sure winner is music and dancing. I just turn it up and dance like no one is watching. Well, no one can watch me because I lock myself up in my room, blast the music and Harlem Shake off the blues. Half an hour is all I need.



Because I enjoy eating as much as I do, Lent is a particularly good time to test my willpower. Last year, I shared my food related Lenten experience in ‘Giving Up. And Taking On.’  We’re three weeks into Lent this year. How am I doing?



This excerpt between BFF One and myself will tell you. A little background first.



Growing up, BFF One and I lived two homes away from each other, and were nigh inseparable from primary school till we both left home for uni in different states. Today, she lives 15km away from my home. We meet every two weeks, speak over the phone every week and e-mail almost every day.



BFF One knows I’m greedy a foodie. So she regularly brings me some of my favourite food stuff whenever they eat it at her home. Last week, she came over with goodies as usual and … read the rest.



Me: Barbecued chicken. Sigh. Chocolate Mud. Sigh. Cheesecake. Sigh. Saving any of these items for after Easter would defeat the purpose of not eating them now.



Still, there’s your veggie stuff for me to enjoy. So yes, God still loves me 😉 despite all those things I won’t touch until the end of March.



BFF One: Ohnoohnoohno! Sorrrrrry, Katieeeee! I clean forgot your Lenten promise. Sooooo sorrrrry. I won’t tempt you again until Easter. I won’t bring any of your favourites until then. Sorry, Kate. 



Me: Oi, please BRING everything! I mean, whatever you want. Mum and Isabella enjoy these, too, you know?



My view of the purpose of abstinence in Lent, like Yom Kippur, Ramadan and Shravan or any spiritual fasting, is that it is to:



i. Avoid being dependent on the material world

ii. Acknowledge that the material benefits I have are blessings from God

iii. When not distracted by material factors, focus on God (through prayer and my deeds)   



So your yum temptations were good; they were my test. And I passed! Yaay!


I sniffed the Chocolate Mud (from [Name of confectioner in our city] in all likelihood; they use good quality chocolate and pure butter), sniffed the chicken (that familiar, great blend of your herbs), and of course, Cheesecake doesn’t have to do anything, I love it unconditionally. Ha ha!



When I sniffed each of those things and let my senses get washed over with the aroma, I did not feel the slightest desire to eat any of those. YESSSS! Victory.



In fact, like I always do, when I spread out everything to assess the bounty you bestow before I out everything away, I usually run to Mum wherever she is and gleefully announce her favourites or mine when I identify each item.





After you left the day before yesterday, as I divided my favourites between Mum and Isabella, I said to Mum, “God wants to test me? I’ll show Him.” And we both laughed. 




And because I enjoy eating as much as I do, I am intolerably intolerant toward those who don’t. 



The following excerpt between Bestie Boy and myself is a good example of how bad I can get.  



As always, Bestie Boy’s text is in green and mine in brown. This exchange was on this past Christmas morning.



Bestie Boy: Until we Skype later this evening, I hope, actually, I know you are having a suitably festive time and are enjoying all the best things Christmas brings – FOOD! 



Me: Yesss! Lots of this stuff, too.



Since Big Sis is to leave after Christmas lunch today (*WAAAIL*), you know I had ordered some of our Christmas goodies and non-Christmas yummies, every day from the day she landed i.e. the 18th. I hadn’t said a word to her about any of the things, and she got surprised every day. I wanted to make sure she pigged ate as much as she could before she left.



This is the booty of her first and second days.   




I’m grateful … and greedy for all this grub. 🙂



1. Pasteis de Santa Clara: Turnovers with almond paste filling, deep fried, and dusted with icing sugar.


2. Sozzled Trismas 😉 Cake


3. Chocolate Mmmousse


4. Brownies: I requested the confectioner not to cut the brownies into squares to prevent them from drying out.


5. Mint Chocolate Cake: Called ‘After Eight Cake’ in my family.


6. Bolo Caramel: You can’t quite see how tall this cake is, Bestie Boy. I measured it just now. It’s 14 cm high. 4 layers of caramel cake soaked with caramel (liquid) and cashews.




Oh, Mum used to order all these and other Christmas sweets every time I came home, no matter the time of the year. As you can see, too, not all the items here are Christmas specific. That’s because these are specifically Big Sis’ favourites. To borrow your words – I am not bothered either way. That’s because I eat everything. Unlike you. *grumble, grumble* Thank goodness Big Sis does not give me trouble with food like you do. Bad Bestie Boy.  




I’m wiff me big sister in the lil’ skirt!


I’m also stiff as the sign post behind me. Why?

We were on holiday three months ago


a handful (uh huh, that’s all it takes for this wuss) of locals

happened to cast

a few curious glances in our direction. Duh.




Bestie Boy: We’re having chicken for Christmas lunch because [his relative visiting from overseas] is not so fond of turkey – I am not bothered either way. 



Me: Arrgh, Bestie Boy! Your apathy towards food is long past surprising, confusing and shocking. I now get frustrated, maybe annoyed even. 



How, I mean, like, HOW can you not enjoy a particular type of food or preparation? Or the anticipation of your taste buds being tantalised, the pleasure while savouring every mouthful and the satisfaction upon satiation? Foodgasm isn’t an accidental portmanteau, you know?



Alright, alright! I know that you know that not very many people I know live to eat like I do. But it’s so much easier to snarl and underscore instead of smile and understand differences between myself and others. 🙂 



Food may not be Bestie Boy’s beast, but footie is!




A warm-up is as good a time as any to mess around.







I know

that living well

is also


being gracious and accepting

of the differences between people,




like to think

I have

a modicum of sense


my sometimes grouchy being,



make peace


people I know



drool over food

(or other things)

the way I do.





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Hi my blogging friend, Elvie Rose in the Philippines!


Someone has a little message for you!


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You were expecting him to say something else? Well, he’s doing it on my behalf, and there’s no way I can fool this clever canine. He sees right through me and speaks my mind!


But I do have another message for you – have a lovely day today, Elvie Rose! May you continue to spread your fragrance via your words in person to those privileged to know someone as kind as you, and via your words on your own blog ‘FLOWERSBLOOMS by “Elvie”’ ( ….  and here via your comments!


Happy birthday, Elvie Rose!


Thank you, Lady Fi in Sweden, for letting me share your doggone cute pooch!


Readers, I’m not good with photographs, but some of you are.

So check out Lady Fi’s blog,

Lady Fi,

for what I think are very cool (quite literally!) pictures.



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Yup, you read that right. A blog birthday.


A not-so-wee blog turned one last month.


‘Rantings of an Amateur Chef ‘

Food…cooking…eating….tools – What works, and what doesn’t!


Having eased off the Publish pedal here, I finally found the time to RSS your blog, Ranting Chef. Am enjoying what little I’ve experienced so far.


I like the little anecdotes that accompany the recipes and I like that the recipes come from non-professional (therefore, more doable in my eyes) cooks, but most of all, I like how you are generous and welcome your readers to post their recipes. It ain’t easy letting go of the spotlight.


Keep up the good work, Ranting Chef!


Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday, Ranting Chef Blog! 🙂



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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Challenge: Below The (Poverty) Line, Part 1 of 2

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With 2012 beginning its ebb, I will do a recap of sorts.  



In my next three posts, I will share some of my first-time experiences this year. As the title says, they were challenges. And I took them quite personally.



The first two posts in this series are about the same challenge; the third and last post will be about a different challenge.



I will narrate my experiences via excerpts of my e-mail correspondence with Bestie Boy circa April-May 2012. As always, his text will be in green and mine in brown. 





Bestie Boy: Someone in the office just mentioned this challenge of living below the poverty line, and my ears pricked up.  



Live Below The Line





If looking at this picture is hard, can you imagine what living that reality must be like?




Bestie Boy: We’re all thinking of doing it when it starts on 7th May. Could you bear to give up nice grub for 5 days, Kate?



Bestie Boy throws down the gauntlet.



Me: I’ll give you this – you’re clever; very clever. Which is a good thing because (your) looks go only so far with me.



I had a successful Lent this year. Remember I said, “I was proud of myself for not having craved my favourite food for 40 days and 40 nights?” You pointed out that ‘proud’ would make me egotistic about it. So I thought about it, and I realise ‘proud’ was the incorrect word to use. I was more relieved not to crave those things, and my belief in my stubbornness determination was strengthened. Is that still egotistic?



Anyway, this challenge will be different from my Lenten ones because here, I won’t be allowed to eat a lot. During Lent, I give up the things I love, but I am never hungry at any point. This challenge will pinch. Hard.  




 Thank you, Margo and Alan, for permitting me the use of your image.

Those two blokes live in my head. Really.



I like when I’m put to the test. So travelling 2nd class on the long distance trains and on public transport around the city (and everywhere else) is not good enough for this masochist. I’m raisin’ ‘em stakes with this, baby. And I’m gonna drive one (stake) right through the organ that will hurt me the most – my breadbasket. Oooh, imagine how much more I’ll brag if I actually go through with this. Well, earning the, ahem, right to be a bragasaurus is the main reason I do these things, don’t I? 😉



I’ve thought of my diet schedule for the challenge. It will be as follows. As you know, the text in red is what I (also) eat normally. Those are also the things I enjoy the most; which is why, I’ve decided that those are just the items I will avoid for the challenge next week.



Breakfast: Milk, oats. Two bananas, a tablespoon of raisins, two saffron strands, a teaspoon of ground flax seeds, one date, ½ a teaspoon of  jaggery. 


Two between brekkie ‘n lunch snacks: Fruit/salad vegetable each time.  


Lunch: Brown rice, gravy. Fish, cooked vegetable, dessert.


Late afternoon: A piece of cheese, dry fruit (2 almonds, ½ a walnut, 2 cashew nuts, 1 fig, 1 apricot) and a tiny chunk of junk more often than not.


Early evening: Fruit with yoghurt.


Dinner: Cooked veggies, pita bread/brown bread. Meat, dessert.


No green tea through the day; just plain water.



Whoa! That’s a lot of red up there, Bestie Boy! I feel dizzy (with hunger) just looking at that!



This image is from

Thank you, Rocco, for permitting me the use of your image.


Your precious pooch is exactly as crestfallen as I was when I realised exactly what the challenge would entail.  



Will have to psyche Mother now because she was mighty upset when I skipped fish and meat during Lent this year. She was almost certain that without some of my fave stuff, I’d turn even more skinny. (Oh, shut yer yap. That is possible.) Worrying about my wellbeing is her privilege, and since I rarely give her the opportunity to worry, she goes a wee bit nuts when the occasion arises.  



So could I put my mouth where my heart is? I don’t mean stuff my face with all the food I love, e-friends. Do you think I could pull this off?



To find out, watch this space. Same place. Same time. A fortnight from now.



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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Giving Up. And Taking On.

The essence of all religions is one. Only their approaches are different.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


I was raised Catholic. Today, I would like to think of myself as a good human being who embraces certain Catholic practices.


Participating in a procession held on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.


 Catholics have Lent and Muslims have Ramadan. 40 days and roughly, 30 days long, respectively. Both periods are meant for increased prayer and reflection, and personal sacrifice. Are there any other religions or streams of thought that have similar periods marked specifically for this? Please share. I would like to learn. And maybe adopt some of those practices.

I left home for college at the age of 19. As I tend to in every new city or country that I live in, I try to get to know every possible facet of the place. It helps me understand the people better and it makes me appreciate the different life there so much more. That knowledge and experience then adds a little colourful piece to the big, resplendent jigsaw puzzle called ‘Life’.

Until I left home at 19, I was still considered a child, and therefore, was not expected to “give up” anything for Lent. I love eating. Which is why I was horrified when Big Bro would fast all day on Good Friday. The rest of us at home had very scaled down meals that day and I hated those! Hee hee! “Boring” food was torturous enough; not eating at all was simply unthinkable for me.

Then I left home and I very conveniently left all those practices at home, too. Until I moved to Saudi Arabia. By my mid 20s, my horror at the thought of starving to death fasting had turned to curiosity. I read more about why Muslims fasted during the month of Ramadan. I liked what I learned and I decided to give fasting a shot since my Muslim colleagues did it without a murmur.


This image is from


The first year, I fasted on Fridays alone, being the first day of the weekend in Saudi Arabia. Emboldened by my success, the next year, I fasted on Fridays and Saturdays i.e. the entire weekend. I finally worked my way to fasting every alternate day. I did not attempt the full, dawn-to-dusk-for-a-month fast like the Muslims because I had already gained the insight and experience I sought, and because I was concerned I would lose weight, something I can ill afford to date.  

During those years, I fasted only to see if I could will my mind to stay away from food. It was hard, but I did it. And I felt great!

After I left Saudi Arabia, I decided to apply my well honed, um, fasting skills during Lent. I pulled it off with ease every Friday. That is why I do not fast all day on Fridays any more. Not even on Ash Wednesday or Good Friday. Fasting all day is too easy for me now. The bigger challenge for me today is staying away from things I love eating.

During my second Lenten season after Saudi Arabia, I decided to jump in at the deep end. I gave up chocolate or some form of dessert that is the wonderful ending of my lunch and dinner every day. I suffered. I grumbled. I ranted. To everyone. And the whole purpose of abstaining that year for Lent was lost.

A few years of decreased wailing followed, and I am wiser today. As I got stronger i.e. I made less of a ‘woe is me’ scene, I gave up my absolute favourite food items – desserts, pork preparations and certain other favourite dishes i.e. steaks, grilled meats and biryani (a fragrant, South Asian pilaf).

This year, I have upped the ante the highest I can go. I have given up meat and fish as well. Avoiding meat and fish is not terribly hard for me, but I chose to give them up because I enjoy them very much. I also want my Lenten sacrifice to have a bit of a green lustre this year.   

Oh, there are two other things I gave up last year and now again, this year.

1. I have restricted my PC time to my e-mail and blogs of people I know personally, and those I have been following before Lent began.

2. I listen to Choral or Classical music all  day instead of my usual Pop and Rock during the week, and Country and Classical on Sundays.



So that’s the “giving up” bit of my Lenten practice this year again. Giving up then spurred me to take on something else now that I had a little more time on hand. So here’s what I took on last year, and again, this year.


1. More time in prayer. (Not doing a good job there. My motor mouth has nothing on my Duracell-bunny-brain.)


2. More time reading the Scriptures. (Not terribly exciting for me.)

That’s it. Those are the only two things I’ve taken on for Lent. I pretty much like the way I live my life the rest of the year.

Now, I’d like you to meet two bloggers I stalk I’ve RSSed. Take a bow,

MJ (


Chris (  

This past weekend, I read MJ’s post ‘My So-Called Simple Life‘)

and then, I read Chris’ post ‘love is a verb…‘ (

Somewhere along their respective posts, MJ said, “Amish” and Chris said, “Lent”. A couple of things clicked and clanged in my head and this post was born.


One of my Lent projects is to make sure I hug each of my children every day that I’m with them.    

The above line of Chris in particular, was what sent the ball rolling in the direction of MJ’s third question.

3. What changes have you made to simplify your life?

I am going to answer that here because these are changes I have made over the years and I follow them all year round. They involved giving up some things and taking on other things.

First and foremost, I have to say I have learned from watching my parents exemplify the ‘Non multa, sed multum’ way of life. In Latin, that means ‘Not many, much’ or ‘Not quantity, quality’. So it has never been too hard for me to give up or take on certain practices because among a few other things, Dad and Mum stressed these two thoughts about most choices we, three children at home, would make.

1. Will it make me happy?

2. Will it hurt anyone?

That said, here are some of the bigger changes I have made over the years. I practice these all year round now.   


1. Cyber Life: I do not have accounts on Facebook*, Twitter or any other social medium; just e-mail and this (4 month old) blog. My decision to not jump aboard the social media bandwagon is the same for not posting more frequently here. You can read those reasons on the ‘About My Blog’ page.  

*I have access to Big Sis’ Facebook account because I put up her photo albums and update her Profile picture. I like doing it for her. She likes me helping her out.


2. Television: I have slotted one hour a day for TV, except for certain events like award shows and significant live events around the world. One hour or less of telly time each day is easy for me because my beast is reading.


3. Diet: I used to eat meat and fish every day. For the past 4 years, I’ve still been eating fish every day, but I have reduced the meat portions to three, four times tops, a week in an effort to reduce my contribution to greenhouse gases. Not only has my carbon footprint reduced, my conscience is lighter, too. Although, my bragging about my green ways has more than doubled. I do not want to remedy that because bragging about it makes me feel good.  


4. Travel: For six years now, I have been using public transport as often as I can (which is 95% of the time) because it helps the environment and the forced commute on foot to bus stops or car pool spots doubles as exercise. Planning ahead is key when using public transport.  


5. Social Life:

a. When at home: I do not attend every social function I am invited to. Just belonging to the same social circle is not criterion enough for me to oblige anyone. I go only if the acquaintance has been kind to me, my family or my close friends. Traditions and social obligations mean jack little to me. This practice gets me into trouble, but I go to bed happy at night knowing that I did not force smiles or spew empty words at some meaningless-to-me fancy do.  


b. When away from home: I work all week and I play all weekend. Play includes one day at least, out of the house doing something I like. It can be as cheap as a reading and falling asleep on the grass in the local park or the most expensive choice (for me so far) of going for a play or concert. Almost every weekend includes friends coming over for the weekend or me going over to a friend’s for a sleepover.

And this is how I try to embrace some of the wholesomeness (in my opinion) and simplicity of the Amish life, not just during Lent, but the entire year. And from now on, I’m going to add Chris’ practice of hugging my relatives and friends even more. If that were even possible. 


Could I BE any more of a hugger?


Thank you, MJ and Chris, for generously letting me steal your ideas  share your posts which resulted in this mash-up post of mine.   

A slight change of pace now.

Today is Elvie Rose’s birthday. Who is Elvie Rose? I dunno. Personally, I mean.

This is Elvie Rose’s blog. ( I got in touch with her because I wanted to use one of her pictures for the post I had originally planned for today. (That post has been re-scheduled.) She gladly agreed and then she told me it is her birthday today. I love my birthday. She was nice to me. I decided to surprise her!

From the food hound in me to the doggie lover in you – Happy Birthday to you, Elvie Rose!


This image is from


I’m going to end on a green note. Chill. I am not going to bore you all with yet another strident verse of, “I love Mother Earth! Am I cool or what‽” This is a different kind of green, Emerald (Isle) green specifically.

It was MJ’s birthday two days ago i.e. 28 February. Happy Belated Birthday, One Of The Very Nice Bloggers I’ve, um, Met! True to your Irish roots, here’s a birthday (hangover) wish.


This image is from … egad! I did not save the URL of the e-card site when I saved this image and I cannot find that site now. 😦

What do you mean, “Kate, how could a nice young lady like you talk about MJ’s … underpants?” Do you think I started it? Nah uh.  He started it. Here.


Thank you, The Book of Terrible , orples and mj monaghan  for commenting on my last post. Thank you, Bucket List PublicationsThe Book of Terrible , orples and mj monaghan for liking my last post.


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