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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Challenge: Below The (Poverty) Line, Part 1 of 2

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With 2012 beginning its ebb, I will do a recap of sorts.  



In my next three posts, I will share some of my first-time experiences this year. As the title says, they were challenges. And I took them quite personally.



The first two posts in this series are about the same challenge; the third and last post will be about a different challenge.



I will narrate my experiences via excerpts of my e-mail correspondence with Bestie Boy circa April-May 2012. As always, his text will be in green and mine in brown. 





Bestie Boy: Someone in the office just mentioned this challenge of living below the poverty line, and my ears pricked up.  



Live Below The Line





If looking at this picture is hard, can you imagine what living that reality must be like?




Bestie Boy: We’re all thinking of doing it when it starts on 7th May. Could you bear to give up nice grub for 5 days, Kate?



Bestie Boy throws down the gauntlet.



Me: I’ll give you this – you’re clever; very clever. Which is a good thing because (your) looks go only so far with me.



I had a successful Lent this year. Remember I said, “I was proud of myself for not having craved my favourite food for 40 days and 40 nights?” You pointed out that ‘proud’ would make me egotistic about it. So I thought about it, and I realise ‘proud’ was the incorrect word to use. I was more relieved not to crave those things, and my belief in my stubbornness determination was strengthened. Is that still egotistic?



Anyway, this challenge will be different from my Lenten ones because here, I won’t be allowed to eat a lot. During Lent, I give up the things I love, but I am never hungry at any point. This challenge will pinch. Hard.  




 Thank you, Margo and Alan, for permitting me the use of your image.

Those two blokes live in my head. Really.



I like when I’m put to the test. So travelling 2nd class on the long distance trains and on public transport around the city (and everywhere else) is not good enough for this masochist. I’m raisin’ ‘em stakes with this, baby. And I’m gonna drive one (stake) right through the organ that will hurt me the most – my breadbasket. Oooh, imagine how much more I’ll brag if I actually go through with this. Well, earning the, ahem, right to be a bragasaurus is the main reason I do these things, don’t I? 😉



I’ve thought of my diet schedule for the challenge. It will be as follows. As you know, the text in red is what I (also) eat normally. Those are also the things I enjoy the most; which is why, I’ve decided that those are just the items I will avoid for the challenge next week.



Breakfast: Milk, oats. Two bananas, a tablespoon of raisins, two saffron strands, a teaspoon of ground flax seeds, one date, ½ a teaspoon of  jaggery. 


Two between brekkie ‘n lunch snacks: Fruit/salad vegetable each time.  


Lunch: Brown rice, gravy. Fish, cooked vegetable, dessert.


Late afternoon: A piece of cheese, dry fruit (2 almonds, ½ a walnut, 2 cashew nuts, 1 fig, 1 apricot) and a tiny chunk of junk more often than not.


Early evening: Fruit with yoghurt.


Dinner: Cooked veggies, pita bread/brown bread. Meat, dessert.


No green tea through the day; just plain water.



Whoa! That’s a lot of red up there, Bestie Boy! I feel dizzy (with hunger) just looking at that!



This image is from

Thank you, Rocco, for permitting me the use of your image.


Your precious pooch is exactly as crestfallen as I was when I realised exactly what the challenge would entail.  



Will have to psyche Mother now because she was mighty upset when I skipped fish and meat during Lent this year. She was almost certain that without some of my fave stuff, I’d turn even more skinny. (Oh, shut yer yap. That is possible.) Worrying about my wellbeing is her privilege, and since I rarely give her the opportunity to worry, she goes a wee bit nuts when the occasion arises.  



So could I put my mouth where my heart is? I don’t mean stuff my face with all the food I love, e-friends. Do you think I could pull this off?



To find out, watch this space. Same place. Same time. A fortnight from now.



Thank you, You’ve Been Hooked!, for commenting on my last post.

Thank you, You’ve Been Hooked!, for liking my last post.


P.S.: Cheerful Monk adds a footnote to every post acknowledging those who comment on her previous post. She also links the commenters’ names back to their own blogs.

 I like both these practices of acknowledging the time and effort made to comment, and the free advertising! So I’m doing what I do well – being a copycat! 








  1. Your first image is indeed difficult to view, Kate, but we turn away from these horrors and obsess over what Kim Kardashian is going to do next or who is going to be “voted off the island next”…

    I admire your inner strength and core values, Kate. Keep up the good work.
    That last pic is too cute for words!


    Comment by The Hook — Friday, 2 November 2012 @ 6:03 pm |Reply

    • >Your first image is indeed difficult to view, Kate,
      – I pondered over using this one (versus one with a bowl of rice) for a few days. I was aware that some readers would get startled or even shocked. I do not wish to provoke those sorts of reactions in my readers because I’m of the ‘To each his own’ ilk.

      Then I realised that this image stirred me more than the others and since this is, ahem, my blog that I, in no way, compel anyone to read, I went ahead with my choice.

      >but we turn away from these horrors and
      – Put me at the top of this list. 😦

      But, but, (and here come the lame*ss excuses), there is so much that twists my heart. How can I possibly help everyone in need?

      So I do the little I can. And I’m happy with what I do.

      >obsess over what Kim Kardashian is going to do next or who is going to be “voted off the island next”…
      – You just had to bring up your favourite gal’s name, dincha? I’m teasing.

      >I admire your inner strength and core values, Kate. Keep up the good work.
      – Thank you, Hook. I’d like to remind you that when I’m hungry or tired or irritated, all my good traits disappear faster than “Ooh, I NEED that” items at 8 a.m. on Boxing Day.

      >That last pic is too cute for words!
      – It is, innit? I loved it the moment I set my eyes on it! I’m happy that Rocco let me “borrow” it for this post.



      Comment by For you, Daddy! — Saturday, 3 November 2012 @ 10:51 am |Reply

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